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Slimming by cold and remodeling techniques in Brussels

For years, SAMA WELLNESS has been sublimating its customers in the Brussels region. 
Our state-of-the-art slimming treatments will offer you visible and lasting results.

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Thanks to cryolipolysis, get rid of fatty rolls. This non-invasive and non-surgical slimming technique gently destroys fat cells.
Session with 2 plates: 1 zone



Thanks to cryolipolysis, get rid of fatty rolls. This non-invasive and non-surgical slimming technique gently destroys fat cells.
Session with 4 plates: 2 zones or 1 large

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Possibility of subscription:
- 5 sessions of 30 min: 220€ instead of 250€
- 10 sessions of 30 min: €399 instead of €500.
30-minute targeted slimming massage with manual and machine maneuvers: this powerful slimming massage is a real tool in the fight against cellulite. Our slimming massage includes various deep techniques (palpate-rolling, tapping, emptying, drainage, etc.), somewhat painful depending on the type of cellulite, it will nevertheless unclog the tissues and relaunch the elimination of waste and the circulation of liquids (lymph and blood).

SAMA WELLNESS helps you reveal your beauty in broad daylight. Are you looking for a slimming treatment? Want to lose a few centimeters easily? Come and discover the different slimming treatments that will help you get the results you want.

Cryolipolyse et Amincissement: Services


A divine back massage and a pro team!


quality slimming treatment, it works, I recommend this institute with my eyes closed! thanks to them I lost centimeters and cellulite!

Y. Michele

I have been a loyal client for years at Louise, this institute is really good, nice and qualified beauticians, treatments that are always very good, I do my pedicures and waxes there. Thank you to this team for their kindness.


my depilations are always spot on

Mr Miller

a little skeptical at first about this new treatment that we talk so much about, the Colombian buttock lift. Blown away, I gained in rebound and my buttocks are prettier than before.

P. Millan

Best massage bij Sama Massage Jette.

Suzy B.

Softness and quality of care, very professional relaxing massage and facial treatment...mmm golden hands.

Ben F.K.

I received a gift voucher to discover Sama, I was able to test the back massage and the scrub, a good hand, good support on the areas that were tense. A safe bet on Jette.


Ontharingen, gelaatsverzorging: TOP! Tot de volgende!

By K. Sabrina

Best massage in Brussels! Love this place, deep massage and so relaxing


I was looking for a salon for the cryo, I was very well received and above all well advised. The results are there: the loss of centimeters.

S. Roux

Excellent moment of relaxation with my partner, our duo massage at Sama Jette was very pleasant and above all well provided. We will definitely be back.

A. Jean-E

Microblading done perfectly, beautician Lesly is a pearl. Advice and especially listening for my eyebrows that I love too much!!!!

Sofia G.

Heel goed schoonheidsinstituut in Jette.


very effective slimming massage, my legs are less swollen and my cellulite less visible

Faiza h.

duo massage done to Sama Louise, best massage ever received. A varied and above all very precise menu on our desires and needs


butt lift: check! I seriously needed to do something and this treatment gave my butt a boost!

Vero T.

Very good waxing, respectful and clean.

Helen Qu.

few institutes that offer waxing with sugar, here I found charming beauticians and my waxing is very well done.

Julie F.

very good place, a nice and deep massage with my wife, love this duo massage in Brussels for our journey.

Phil. NOT

my little feet say thank you to them, thank you to this team of kindness and efficiency. The pedicure is very well done.

Marie Van D.

always perfect, my hair removal is impeccable! Sama, a reference in Brussels

Soufiane H.

this relaxing massage did me a world of good, I recommend Sama because the quality is there! I had a bad back for weeks and now all my knots have disappeared...

A. Marouane

very good hair salon on avenue louise, the hairdresser is charming, attentive and caring. I like advice and passionate people. Very satisfied customer

K. Myriam

Here we are not received at the chain, the hairdressing salon is quite family-friendly, my Brazilian smoothing is very well done, we feel that we have put our heart into it. The best Brazilian straightening I could do in Brussels

Bl. Mireille

I have been going to this hairdressing salon for some time, and I have nothing to complain about; the hair is sublimated thanks to the professionalism of the hairdresser. The products are good, Kérastase is a benchmark, but the hands of the hairdresser make the difference here at Sama.

Pascale C.

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P. Millan

golden hands, my facial at Sama Jette was divine. I also like their natural products with oriental notes

Fr. L

small gift for my man and me, a couple massage, duo massage at Sama Jette. Pure happiness, we love!!!

Melanie C.

Very good experience in Sama Louise, duo massage with my friend. Stressed back massage for her and deep tissue for me... paradise


Cryolipolyse et Amincissement: Témoignages
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